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Welcome to mathZwise the only after school tuition programme that focused exclusively on maths and is based on the NZ curriculum.

Profile Description

Impact Tutoring allows me the opportunity to meet three passions in my life; Maths, motivating children to believe in themselves and making a difference in my community. I have a Bachelor of Teaching with a Major in Professional Education. My thirty years of teaching working in both city and country schools plus 4 years in the UK involved with the Numeracy project.
mathZwise is the only after school tuition ( Tutoring ) programme that focuses exclusively on Maths and is linked to the New Zealand Maths Curriculum. Our aim is to help our students become more competent and confident in Maths and fosters the importance of being conversant with numbers. The result is children and adults who are set up for life-long success.
mathZwise offers tuition to all ages, the most predominant group being school-age children between 8 – 17 years. mathZwise also caters for adults who need upskilling and students finding their Maths achievements inadequate for jobs, university or apprenticeships.
My wonderful tutors and I are dedicated to making a difference by improving all our students’ mathematics skills. We are here to make our students more confident and more successful!
To achieve this success contact me NOW!