Anzac Green
This piece of land was deemed a reserve thanks to the continued efforts of L.G. Armstrong, Mayor in 1920. A loan was raised for the purpose of building municipal offices, namely Town Hall, Library and War Memorial. But this plan never eventuated. In 1913 a large Mart was built by H.A. Luks for an auctioneer called Richard Arther who pleaded bankruptcy 4 years later and it was later taken over by the Te Awamutu Borough Council. This building was of 4000sq. feet and used by the power board (while its new premises were being built) as sample rooms, the Primary School used it as a school room, and it was used for other social occasions. When demolished in 1923 it yielded 22,000 sq. feet of timber and 40 tonnes of roofing. That year the W.W.1. Memorial was completed and officially unveiled by Lord Jellicoe, and several of the existing trees were planted at the same time. The first swimming pool was built on site in 1925 and the second 50 years later, with all the desired additions and amenities. The other building next to the baths was the Museum's first home on a section facing Teasdale Street with a large Armstrong gun placed at the entrance from 1954–1975, when new premises were built next to the library on the old Primary School site.