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Mount Pirongia’s dramatic skyline is one of the most distinctive features of the Waikato landscape. The mountain, with its pristine bush and native birdsong offers many walking tracks of varying length and difficulty.

Pirongia village nestles on the eastern flanks of the mountain and has the Waipa River winding around it. Previously called Alexandra, the village was one of the earliest Pakeha settlements in the Waikato with the Waipa River providing ready access. The Waikato land wars were laid to rest here in 1881, when King Tawhiao declared peace by laying down his arms on what is now the main road.

The village today comprises both modern services and buildings and buildings dating from the early settlement days. The Historic Visitor Information Centre provides information about historic and present day Pirongia. The Armed Constabulary Redoubt is well preserved and accessible. There are cafes and art galleries and the mountain and its walks are a constant background.

Pirongia is worth the journey… you won’t be disappointed.