Selwyn Park formally known as Morgan Park

Rev. John Morgan set up his own mission station in 1841, and called it "Otawhao". The tribal war ended during his ministry, but it took him until 1859 before he was able to report that all of the adult population had been baptised. He then set up a boarding school for children and introduced carpentry, ploughing, animal care and shoemaking for boys whilst girls learnt sewing and cooking. On his initiative the first flour mills were built at Rangiaowhia (Hairini) and other areas close by, with large fields of wheat growing profusely and exported to the goldfields of California, a remarkable feat! He organised the building of old St Johns Church to replace a large raupo building on the mission site, which held 1000 folk and which was destroyed by fire. The precious stained glass windows were saved and used in St John's. Several members of the Morgan family are buried in the church cemetery, and the remaining family left with their gallant missionary father in 1863 before the government troops arrived and settled in south of Auckland.