Te Awamutu Electric Power Board

The first board was formed in 1919, but it was two years later, that power came to Te Awamutu, Leamington being the first. This power came from the Hora Hora grid until work finished at Arapuni in 1932. The first power pole was erected at the corner of Alexandra and Mutu Streets in August 1921. The "Switching On" ceremony that year was followed by a most successful ball. Originallythe TAEPD was in an old mart building on the triangle, corner of Teasdale and Bank Street. However in December 1926 a new building went up on the Alexandra Street site, and a substation in Mangahoe Street, on the Tawhiao Street corner. A second storey was added to the main office building in 1963 and the workshop premises behind were modernised at the same time.