Waipa District Council

Originally the Te Awamutu Borough Council and the Waipa County Council, both of whom operated from the old Town Hall building on the corner of Redoubt and Roche Streets. It was a large two storied building with the offices at the front and a huge public hall behind, the latter being used for dances, concerts, skating, formal functions and all the schools end of year concerts. Waipa County Council then built a 2 storied flat roofed building opposite facing Bank Street. In the early 1970's both buildings were demolished, the new borough offices being a part of a Council complex, with a new library and new Museum all side by side. Then in 1989 the Te Awamutu Borough, the Cambridge Borough and the Waipa County Council amalgamated, forming the Waipa District Council with considerable additions being made to the County Buildings, to cope with the added staff and H.Q. status.